Online Linux Terminal for Tech-xperimenting

Sudo enabled Ubuntu and Centos Terminal to develop, learn, test, demo or anything else. Support for major development platforms of Java,Ruby, Python, Php, Nodejs.

Develop better without worry of technology cleanup !

No Installation / Download Required

No need of Putty or any other software to access your Ubuntu / Centos platform. It is available in your favorite Browser via the powerful Linux Terminal.

Learn and try new technologies

Pick Ubuntu or Centos platform bundled with development environments and related frameworks. You could also install your wishlist as the online Terminal packs Sudo rights.

Forget! cleanup steps

Focus on learning things and making better software. Your Ubuntu / Centos platform is only valid for a time period. We will shutdown the Linux instance forgetting everything. You will always have clean slate to start

Collaborate with Friends

Invite your friends to work with you.The terminal can be shared with many participants. All the participants will work on the same terminal making collabration really fun.

Subdomain Access

Your deployed software is also accessible via a subdomain. So do a demo or testing , just share your work online via url.

Incremental work

So You do not have complete time to finish your learning. Now worries! we never lose your work. The instance is saved and can be started from the same state to continue your work.

Boot a Terminal

Select one of available Ubuntu, Centos Terminal. Run your php code and access it over the subdomain.

Expire this machine in

Signup to use multiple terminals for longer period. Do more by inviting friends and collegues.